desperately seeking spring

IMG_2583it’s been a long winter, and it’s only the beginning of february! with meteorologists predicting yet another “significant” snowfall next week, the colors and smells of spring seem very far away. sigh….

yet, in my mind i am jumping ahead a few months and dreaming of spring. i have been working on a series of silk scarves inspired by nature, the greatest designer.


here are some of the palettes i have come up with. this series is the twigs series, depicting twigs and branches in their endless varieties. . what do you think? do they capture a spring feel for you?

in creating these scarves, i have tried to push the envelope in terms of technique and materials. i have used different dyes and fabric paints together on the same piece. i  bought new brushes for fine work. for me that is like candy!

my mind is buzzing with new ideas for spring scarves. i have 2 big shows coming up in june  and will be previewing them at that time, but they are also available on my site at and with spring coming, can summer be far behind?

next up? i have been inspired by images of ikebana. stay tuned!

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dbk design in the news

Artist Profile: Debrah Block Krol


Debrah Block Krol shares her fiber portfolio and talks about inspiration, technique and business.


Flame Felted Scarf


ABI:  Considering your background as a fine artist, how did you start working with fiber?

DBK:  It feels like I have been around fiber and textiles my entire life. My mother, an artist herself, studied fashion design and was an avid seamstress—she taught me to sew at age 4. I had one of those miniature hand cranked singer sewing machines. I have loved textiles ever since.

Fiber, in all it’s incarnations is very seductive to me. My projects have included embroidery, knitting, sewing and other traditional needle art forms.  Having earned a BFA in painting, I have worked with oil and acrylic paints, metals , fabric and yarn.


Zen poncho


ABI:  What do you love most about your collections?

DBK:  I have a lifelong love and passion for color, form and texture, and I incorporate them in all my pieces. The texture of silk is magical in the way it flows and drapes.

I love when my customers try on my work, it adds a fantastic dimension to the piece and brings it to life.

Wool roving, a basic material in felting is a textural wonderland. There are so many varieties of wool with different shapes. I have been fortunate enough to connect with small independent dyers who create gorgeous colors combinations as well.


Koi Abstraction Scarf


ABI:  How did you start wholesaling, and what are your plans now?

DBK:  I have really just been dipping my toe into wholesaling, and I would like to jump in completely. I am doing the acre northeast show as an emerging artist in august 2013, and I am very excited about it. As a perk of being accepted into the show I am on, and hope to reach out to retailers through that. Ideally I would like to hire a rep for my work at some point in the future.


Hydrangea Cowl Wrap


ABI:  What are your retail goals this year?

DBK:  I have applied to a bunch of shows, and have been accepted into a few so far – Lincoln Center in NYC in October is one that I am really excited about. Although they are labor intensive I enjoy doing shows and talking to my customers and other artisans.

Obviously I want to grow my business—doing shows is a pipeline to reach more customers and make a personal connection that can grow into a relationship.


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working towards a goal

growing a business, doing what you love is quite an amazing journey. i started small, and gingerly put myself out there.  as i have developed confidence in myself as an artist and in my work (only took me 30 years!), i have learned to push the envelope creatively. in turn i have reached out to different retail venues.

i started doing street fairs. my work is fairly unusual so i had decent sales, but i felt this was not my target market. i wanted to do  shows dedicated specifically to fine art and fine craft. so i started applying and have been accepted to quite a few juried shows. this has been an outstanding experience for me. i love talking with people and getting feedback about my work.

so what is the issue? in a word, booth fees, which can be quite high. i understand that they are a necessary evil. but with fees as high as $1500+ for a 2 day show, it iss really out of reac for me.  in fact, this season, i had to pull out of a show i was accepted in to because i could not afford the booth fee.

i have decided to dip my toes into the swirling, complicated pool that is crowd funding! i have a campaign on indie gogo to raise some money to be used for booth fees. i have great perks–hand dyed and hand painted scarves and accesories from my dbk line! if you have ever been tempted to own one  of my pieces this is a great way to do it and help me realize my dream_


here’s the link-please check it out and tell your friends about it as well!

thank you so much for reading! please visit my site at and my fb page at

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liberation and changing my vocabulary

i have been painting since i was a little kid. i was fortunate that my parents valued art and music and encouraged my brother and myself through lessons. so i studied oil painting, first with mrs. brown, then with miss adrienne.  i have a bfa in painting from rutgers, where i studied with the great leon golub. i really love painting. it is visceral and sensual, and totally satisfying.

the style of my paintings were always fairly realistic, no  matter what the subject matter—-still life, flowers, landscapes, bones (loved the anthropology lab), portraits. i switched from oils to acrylics, even dabbled in watercolors. throughout i had very little interest in abstractions-i was driven to recreate the image.

now i am painting on silk and what a revelation! i have no interest in a realistic portrayal of anything. now it is all about color and form–i think how the silk will drape on the body, where the patterns will lie. it is so liberating to just go and lay down color–the way the pigments spread on the silk and blend together—it is new every time, different every time.  and i learn something new with every new piece–and i find a new voice as well-

IMG_1271 IMG_1277 IMG_1283

can you tell i love it?

thanks for reading my blog. please visit my site at

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special effects

to get ready for the summer months and summer shows, i do a lot of silk painting. and the more i do, the more i learn. this season i have been exploring a number of resists. basically these are any items that repel and move the dye around on the silk, such as alcohol (the isopropyl kind), sugar, salt and syrup.

corn syrup is my current resist of choice. depending on placement, i can get dreamy watercolor like effects or bold abstracts. it’s sticky, messy and fun!

IMG_0980 IMG_0978 IMG_0975 IMG_1192 IMG_1194

what do you think of them?

thanks for visiting. please visit my site at

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TAFA, the Textile And Fiber Art list

i love textiles and fibers, and i am not alone. i am fortunate enough to be part of several online communities that provide support, feedback and a sense of camaraderie. when you work alone, (and art is  a very solitary pursuit), a virtual community is invaluable. when the group is global, there is someone out there at any time of day to interact with.

one such group is TAFA, the Textile And Fiber Art list. this group is the brainchild of rachel biel who runs it and who puts in countless hours as the administrator. she is a true pioneer and visionary.

TAFA is composed of fabulously talented artisans, including quilters, felters, knitters, mixed media artists–any and all artists who incorporate their love of fiber and textile and design in to their work. their works provide a visual feast of color, texture and dazzling designs!

if you want yo be inspired visit

424477_10150712641902650_385581195_n7147_10151419026481097_90749310_nthanks for reading my blog. please visit for more offmy work.

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thanks to everyone who came out to the arts and music festival in hoboken on a gorgeous sunny sunday! a great time was had by all–Next up i am in barnegat on beautiful long beach island in new jersey on june 8 and 9! come visit and help restore the shore!

here are some booth shots from hoboken. trying out a new layout—what do you think of it?

IMG_0757 IMG_0759 IMG_0760 IMG_0762 IMG_0763

thanks for reading my blog. please visit my website at and visit me on facebook!

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