it has been an interesting few days. the last big snow, on wednesday knocked out our fios service. we were without phone, tv or internet. for me, it was a throwback to my childhood, my 15 year old on the other hand was a very frustrated kid. i actually enjoyed the feeling of being somewhat cut off from the larger world. i did not miss the tv being on constantly, bombarding me with news, commercials and the attendant general inanities–but i found that i used the tv as a marker of time…without it i was free floating through the day, rarely consulting a clock, and i went to bed earlier. i read more, listened to music more. it was peaceful. no phone ringing….i admit i did miss internet access, but i have an iphone, so i could check the important stuff without being on the computer.

i realized that my kids do not know how to be without. when they were young boys they could both play imaginary games with legos and matchbox cars for hours. it makes me sad that they have outgrown that particular gift of imagination. now they need outside stimuli from electronics.

we had no internet when i was a child. computers were big as rooms and only seen on tv or in movies. there was minimal tv programming for anyone, never mind channels dedicated to kids or music. watching tv was a family event. now we all have our own tv’s, and everyone watches their own channel in their own space. the phone was there of course, but it never rang for me. i guess it makes kind of wistful.

i wasn’t as productive as i had hoped—free floating can do that to you. but i did make this red, white and black special order neckpiece and a few other pieces.

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3 Responses to retro

  1. lois adlin says:

    loving your beautiful descriptions

  2. Now this is how it’s supposed to work isn’t it? lol Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I will definitely enter you into my giveaway. Great to meet you!

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