do you dream in color?

i went to the american craft council show in baltimore this weekend. it is a huge show, full of talented craftspeople… an amazing amount of visual stimuli, an astounding variety of mediums and styles, textures and colors. creativity was in full bloom!

i never ceased to be delighted and amazed at the scope of  human creativity. many artisans used materials in unexpected ways—neoprene tubing combined with gold and precious gemstones, the new york times holepunched into fabulous jewelry. exotic woods bent into stark and graceful pieces of jewelry….. and the paper jewelry that really astounded me, fabulous necklaces with cascades of delicate sprays. some of it was beyond belief. this is  thinking outside the box, no, this is throwing away the damn box! there were stand out pieces of clothing as well, microfiber coats with geometric holes, fastened with ebony pins, latticed scarves and more. there were all the generic pieces as well—too many woven jackets looking the same, ditto for scarves.  a lot of the jewelry was also kind of generic. too many bezeled stones made me dizzy…but there were many great, clever pieces, enough to make me wish i had won the lottery. 😉

there was color everywhere i looked-vibrant and alive! what a feast- quilts, pillows, felted hats and scarves and gloves! knitted wear! painted silks! pottery and metalwork! gemstones and polymer clay!

it really was an overwhelmingly wonderful show. i spent two hours there the first day and 5 hours the next, wandering up and down the long aisles with my partner in crime, my cousin donna, pointing out and coveting what captured our eyes…and of course, since it was baltimore, a break for crab cakes. 😉

i would fall into bed at night, and i could not shut my “interior” eye off. i kept dreaming of gorgeous, colorful things, that i had not seen at the show but invented in my over active brain. it was actually quite delightful. a lot of stimulation and  a lot of inspiration. there is much work to be done.

so, so you dream in color? i do.

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