i love my dog, and finding solace in work

i  am a dog person and have always been one. i grew up having a dog, and it was natural for me to want a dog with my husband and 2 sons. …and that is how picasso came into our lives. a mini poodle, 5 lbs of fluff when we got him at 3 months old, 5 years ago this month. my husband was the last to concede, but he is now the first to be heard telling pico, ” i love you, you know i do…” the dog has been my buddy and shadow, and a source of comfort and unconditional love through various life traumas- death, illness, etc. he is amazingly tolerant of my boys’ play and teasing…..plus he is just flippin’ adorable….like a a stuffed animal come to life. i love my dog,

so it is sad to report, as i sit here with pico curled up on my lap, that an ultrasound performed this week shows that my pup has a tumor growing in his small intestine. the vet is certain that it is cancer. so picasso is slated for surgery on monday morning. i have stopped crying but i feel like i am underwater. my kids are blithely certain this will turn okay-i am trying to adopt their outlook.

so i am asking for you all to send healing thoughts, prayers, and energy out to him on monday.

surprisingly, i have been working steadily through this trying time, and have found solace in the act of creating.  it is amazing how one can lose themselves in work that is is engaging and requires all of your energy and attention. it helps regenerate your energy, creative and otherwise, and aids you deal with what life hands you. i read somewhere that creative endeavors are a form of therapy and i truly believe it.

so i will post again after the surgery to keep you all updated on pico’s progress. please keep thinking good thoughts!

please remember to check out my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/dbk.design.arts?created and my website at http://www.dbkdesignarts.com…..and remember i love to hear your comments and get feedback!


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5 Responses to i love my dog, and finding solace in work

  1. Carol says:

    what a touching expression of how you are feeling! We love Pico too and will be pulling for him!

  2. Lois Adlin says:


    I have never had a pet, but I understand how much Pico has brought into your life. Pico is a source of unconditional love. Pico is “the TERIFFIC” POODLE. Thinking about you and Pico, and the best success for his surgury on Monday. Love you… x0x0x0

  3. Faye says:

    A pet is like a good friend on the one hand and a child on the other, showing unconditional love. A pet can be our solace at difficult times. His young age should help him pull through. Sending good wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

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