earring frenzy and chicken soup

i have been making earrings like mad all week long. new designs keep popping into my head, some at most inopportune times, like when i am driving. or trying to go to sleep. i am literally dreaming about earrings!

i was inspired to make the silver and green earrings by the dresses worn by alvin ailey”s fabulous  dancers in the piece “revelations,” one of my all time favorites. can you see the costumes in the shapes of the earrings? each swirl has a freshwater pearl in its’ center.

the other earrings were inspired by spring and the anticipation of all the flowers that will soon be blooming. i love the shape and the way the mesh billows around the biwa stick pearls. the single drop earrings feature a lucite nugget suspended in the mesh, and add a nice bit of sparkle!

as with the single drop and tutu earrings, these light and airy pieces are fun and i am making them in spring colors.

so what’s up with the chicken soup? my older son has a cold, and unfortunately i caught it from him. i was not sick all winter! oh well. i make a great chicken soup, and if it doesn’t cure the cold, at least it makes me feel better. 🙂

by the way for those of you who were following my pup picasso’s progress, he is better than ever..back to his mischievous , and adorable ways.

please remember to check out my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/dbk.design.arts?created and my website at http://www.dbkdesignarts.com…..and remember i love to hear your comments and get feedback!


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