another flattering feature and it’s all about the numbers

i am thrilled to tell you that dbk designs is the featured site on the craftgate website.  this is a wonderful organization started by sharion cox, to connect everyone who loves craftwork- artisans and collectors alike.check it out at thanks so much craftgate!

do you have a facebook fan page? i do, and i check it daily to see how many fans i have and if there are any new comments. the number of fans goes up and down. i try not to take it personally, when someone “abandons ship.” …but it makes me wonder why? i rarely “unlike” pages once i like them.

on a larger scale, it made me think how numbers loom large in our lives…. of course financially, but also weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels….as a diabetic if my “number” is too high, it can ruin my day. so it’s all about the numbers—which ones rule your life?

i have been working on a number of scarves this week-

please check out my facebook page at and my website at…..and remember i love to hear your comments and get feedback! thanks

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