earring a ding ding

i have been on an earring making binge lately, and enjoying it immensely. i have always loved wearing earrings, so it follows i would enjoy making them, right?

as i told you in a previous post, i learned how to fashion my own ear wires. i have used them as another design component in the overall composition of the pieces. i have come up with a variety of shapes and some are smooth and some are hammered. each pair is a learning experience and a little” masterpiece” when i am done!

i was inspired by the google squiggle this past week, honoring the 113th birthday of alexander calder. did you see it?  so here are my “calder” earrings. what do you think?

i think they kind of capture a “calderesque” quality-

please visit my website http://www.dbkdesignarts.com and my facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/dbkdesignarts–i love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to earring a ding ding

  1. Linda Britt says:

    Definitely think the earrings capture a Calder essence! Interesting what inspires each of us!

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