earthquakes and hurricanes

what a seriously weird week- an east coast earthquake and a big, bad hurricane. the earthquake was unsettling to say the least, but the hurricane was devastating and heart breaking for many-

we were affected here in new jersey, some very severely, and  were finally declared a disaster area. my garage and basement were flooded with 5 feet of dirty water, and we lost everything in it. still, we were lucky that we did not lose power or water, as many of our neighbors did. unfortunately my studio was in the basement, which was also a family room. i did manage to save finished work and a majority of my supplies and tools.

it has been a hard time. the most wrenching things to toss were the photos of my family- most of whom are gone. i think i learned i need to carry them inside me and not be burdened by them physically-you can only hold on to so much. i took digital images of some so i can remember, but the purging was necessary.

my heart and thoughts are with all those still struggling with effects of this storm. hang in there!

please visit my site at and my facebook page at thanks!

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