oscars and golden globes

i am thrilled to announce that dbk design’s jewelry has been chosen for inclusion in celebrity gift bags at the 2012 oscars and golden globes. the artisan group will represent dbk in the prestigious gbk gift lounges  pre-ceremony!

i have been very busy working on creating pieces, designing literature and creating the most attractive packaging–it’s very exciting!

these are some of the pieces i am working on for the events. my gemstone cuffs, and the double mermaid bangles are a possibility for one of the events. it is so hard to decide which to choose! what do you think?

i will keep you posted!

as an update to my flood posts last months, i am happy to say that i have set up my workshop once again (with everything several inches off the floor)!

please visit me at http://www.dbkdesignarts.com and on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/dbkdesignarts. i am currently running an earring giveaway when my fan count reaches 700!

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6 Responses to oscars and golden globes

  1. Wonderful news! Your cuffs are just amazing and I can’t wait to follow your journey to the GBK Celebrity Gift Lounge~

  2. This is getting exciting….love what you’re doing with the mesh.

  3. Carol says:

    That is soooo cool!

  4. dbkdesign says:

    thanks—-i think so, too!

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