cursing and sawing and felting, oh my!

i have had an interesting week, to put it mildly. i have been feeling a bit burnt out lately, and ambivalent. although it is great that my workshop is set up once again in the basement, i still feel a bit disoriented….not exactly knowing where everything is….also it is cold down there! even though it is 30 something degrees outside, our furnace is still not functional, courtesy of hurricane irene. hopefully it will all be rectified this weekend.

but i digress– in the interest of stirring the pot and shaking off the ambivalence, i decided to take a metal jewelry course, with my partner in crime, my cousin donna. we headed over to sue sach’s studio. sue is an amazing jewelry artist. we both designed our pieces on paper, and then proceeded to attempt to try to cut the design out of brass with a jeweler’s saw. oh boy- this is where the cursing and sawing comes in—and the breaking of many blades. i have a new appreciation for the talent and patience of jewelers the world over! i will pick up again next week where  left off..stay tuned for further adventures….

and the felting—one of my galleries, gallery 360 in minneapolis, requested that i come up with some designs involving felting. this is something i have wanted to try for a long while, and the request was just the push i needed….i LOVE needle felting!!!

this is the scarf i finished today…silk and wool..what do you think?

please visit my site at and my facebook page at  i am on twitter @deblockrol…..i would love to hear from you!


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4 Responses to cursing and sawing and felting, oh my!

  1. The scarf is gorgeous! I love felted scarves. 🙂 –and YES on the sawing, lol. just keep your blade really tight, saw steady but firmly and don’t push the saw, let the blades do the work and it’ll actually go faster with less breakage! Once you get the hang of it it’s fun to see the detail you can get with teeny blades! Good luck and show us your progress. 🙂 ~xo deb.

  2. Susan Becker says:

    Great Blog! And post! And scarf!

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