pulling beauty from turmoil and i’ve got that felting feeling

if you are alive, you most likely have a rolling backdrop of turmoil in your life.  amplify that if you have a family–kids seem to turn up the volume even more. so how does one find that place where the creative inspiration abides in the midst of mayhem?  i don’t have a studio where i can physically go and close the door, so i have learned to tap into it and just go there. i can do in the midst of the madness that is family life, and it is a haven….how do you do it?

that felting feeling is a distinct soreness in my right arm–i keep trying to use my left hand with limited success. but what a blast i am having!  i have built a palette of exquisite hand painted and dyed wool and silk fibers. it is as close to painting in technique as i can get. i have also been dyeing the silk scarves myself–great learning experience with all of this.

what do you think? aren’t these colors glorious? the scarves are cozy, light weight and luxurious-

please visit dbk at http://www.dbkdesignarts.com and on facebook at http://www.facebook.cm/dbkdesignarts. i would love to hear from you!

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2 Responses to pulling beauty from turmoil and i’ve got that felting feeling

  1. Your scarves are just stunning and I love all the colors! Wonderful work~

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