star gazing with the artisan group

as you know from my previous posts, i am participating in gbk celebrity gift lounges through the artisan group at the both the 2012 golden globes and the 2012 oscars. i am very excited at this opportunity to connect with media outlets and celebrities, and proud to be part of such a creative group of artisans!

while i am not ready to show you what i will be doing for the gift bags, i am delighted to tell you about another “celeb” encounter. the gift bags will be featured in a later post… not to spoil the surprise but they are awesome!

i was chosen by the artisan group to be part of a group that will create gifts for ginnifer goodwin! she has starred in numerous movies, in big love on television and now is starring in once upon a time. she is just lovely, and i am really pleased and excited to be sending her this piece-

i really hope she will love it and wear it!

keep on the look out for more bulletins about dbk and the celebrity gift lounges!

check us out at and remember i love to hear your comments.


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10 Responses to star gazing with the artisan group

  1. Shari G. says:

    In person. this is even more magnificent then the photo. She will love it!

  2. hrtsofstone says:

    I can’t imagine her not loving this piece! Very intriguing, very lovely!

  3. This is a really great necklace. It looks like it will photograph well from a distance, so it will look good in those Red Carpet pictures. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  4. Fantastic – congratulations on being selected to promote your work like this!

  5. jean says:

    This is just awesome (and just happenes to match nicely with the black scarf I gifted her!) and it’s totally unique. I hadn’t seen it before — very cool!

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