great coverage for dbk from craftsyble!

Our 2012 Golden Globes Artisan Series continues!

DBK Design Arts

We had the pleasure of interviewing Debrah, the artisan behind DBK Design Arts, earlier this year. We were delighted to hear she would be gifting the celebrities at the Golden Globes in 2012. Here is what she has to say about her participation:

“My gift to the press at the Golden Globes are my gemstone cuffs. They are made of enameled copper mesh, fiber and ribbons, gemstones and pearls, and are lined in the softest leather.  I love the contrast of the almost industrial feel of the wire mesh against the soft textile and the luxe, shiny gemstones. My goal is to create elegant and edgy jewelry and accessories that will delight and bring joy to the wearer. I enjoy using materials in unexpected ways to achieve beautiful results, and at it’s heart,  my work is always about color! My training is as a painter and I think that is at the heart of all my work, re-imagining painterly techniques in new ways.

Each piece I make is unique and one of a kind. My line includes mesh jewelry, gemstone jewelry, knitted items and hand dyed and felted cotton or wool and silk scarves. I love fiber and most of my work incorporates textiles in some way.

In the end, it is about making beautiful things.”

Contact Information:
Debrah Block Krol
DBK Design Arts
Twitter @deblockrol

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7 Responses to great coverage for dbk from craftsyble!

  1. dbkdesign says:

    thanks to betty from craftsyble for the wonderful post!

  2. Alexis Gopal says:

    Congratulations, Deb! I’m a huge fan! Your jewelry and scarves are stunning!

  3. dbkdesign says:

    thanks alexis! and i am a big fan of yours!

  4. Libbi Shorts says:

    Wow, your cuffs are so elegant and edgy! LOVE your work. Hope to see it on a celeb, soon!

  5. Beautiful work! Good luck at the Globes!

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