dbk shout out and a big deal!

 dbk recently got a great shout out from the folks at i adore life! isn’t that a great name for a business?

DBK Design Arts

More AWESOMENESS to view! Check out this #Handmade shop and all of the fabulous colors!
I’m really becoming a fan of the felted scarfs. All the wonderful designs are making a hard
choice on which is my absolute favorite! Check them out and you’ll see what I mean, just
stunning! The first photo is of the “rainbow round your neck” and the second of the
“watermelon rose lightweight!”
SHOP DBK Design Art
but wait there’s more…THE BIG DEAL! dbk was among a select group of artists selected
to give a gift to SARAH JESSICA PARKER through the artisan group. i am very psyched
about this opportunity—she is a fashion icon!
 now i have the delicious dilemma of what scarf to makae for her..any suggestions?
please visit me at http://www.dbkdesignarts.com on facebook..i am also on twitter at @deblockrol-
-i always love to hear your comments! thanks!
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10 Responses to dbk shout out and a big deal!

  1. jean says:

    That’s so exciting! I love that watermelon scarf and I think it would be great for SJP. She loves deep colors. Or maybe one that is embellished!

  2. Ilene Price says:

    Great blog post! So exciting that you are gifting Sarah Jessica Parker! I’m sure she will LOVEsny scarf you send her!

  3. Susan Woods says:

    Your work is so lovely! I am sure she is going to LOVE it no matter what you pick! Congratulations!

  4. dbkdesign says:

    thanks for all your wonderful comments! i really appreciate them!

  5. well done with this interview but your stuff is really amazing, you know Im a big fan!

  6. Faye says:

    Fabulous and I am sooo excited for you!! Perhaps SJP would like something with a bit of sparkle added to it. Hugs!

  7. Love your scarves! Do you know what her favorite colors to wear are and what is hot for the season? Is there any over lap that you can gift her?

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