meditations on motivation and more big news!

hopefully we all have something we love to do, whether it’s work or play. what keeps us motivated?

i love to create and make things and when work is going great, the ideas just keep coming—-sometimes i can’t sleep at night because my brain is percolating. i have to fight the urge to get out of bed and act on my inspirations. i love when i can translate what i see in my mind into a completed piece.
it is a high like no other—it feels like finishing a puzzle…and i love learning and mastering new techniques.

but then there are dark times, when i am consumed by self doubt, when i ask myself why am i doing this? that is when motivation is so hard to find. i try to ride it out and kick myself in the butt to jumpstart things. this is when honest interaction with others is key, when your own mirror is opaque you need the feedback of others.
i am fortunate to have other artists as friends, and a wonderful network of colleagues in on line communities. ultimately, the motivation has to come from me, but a little shot of honesty and/or validation goes a long way.

how do you motivate yourself?

BIG NEWS!!!!!i was recently chosen to give a gift to food network star giada di laurentis..i am very excited!
i am planning to give her one of my silk chiffon scarves—will post more when i choose one!

stay tuned!

please visit my site at and follow me on twitter @deblockrol–remember i love to read your comments!

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4 Responses to meditations on motivation and more big news!

  1. NoodleHead Productions says:

    Sunshine, creative people and upbeat music inspire me!

  2. I google inspirational arts, all sorts of it: from fine art photography to sculptures. Other artists’ beautiful work always inspire me 🙂


  3. rayela says:

    I think about “If not this, then what?” That usually gives me the kick I need to keep plodding ahead…

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