how a new design evolves

this week, i started designing a new line of necklaces—a departure from my most recent work involving  hand painting and dyeing silk. i have quite a stash of pearls and gemstones, and i had ordered some delicate sterling silver rolo chains. they sat on my worktable and were stored in my mind before i turned my attention to them. i wanted to create something lightweight with an organic feel. i wanted different levels in the design with a bit of movement.

so i thought of a dangly drop, utilizing the chain and my stash…the long stick shape of the opalite lent itself to a drop–i cut up one of the chains to use as the dangly part which served to give layers and movement. i anchored the first necklace with a pearl and a rough diamond. i was really happy with the result–i was on a roll! i used different colored pearls with the opalite. more petite drop necklaces came into being!

then i took out all my biwa stick pearls. wow! because of where they are pierced, i decided to hang them sideways- i love the look–there is something very zen about them. each chain is 20 inches long, exclusive of the drop. it’s a great length with summer sundresses, tank tops, even swimsuits.

this is a design that is still evolving as i look at different materials, but i am pretty certain this necklace will be around for a while. 🙂

by the way, these necklaces are currently listed in my etsy shop!

what do you think?

addendum—still evolving, my friend kim said that she loved my elemental summer necklaces—well i loved that name! so now i call them elemental summer design necklaces—wonder what i will call them in the fall???

please visit my site at thanks!

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