reuniting with an old love and bring on the funk

knitting was not my first love in the field of needle arts. i learned to sew when i was about 5 and i was the proud owner of a miniature singer sewing machine, black with gold letters and filigrees and a wheel you turned to make the needle go up and down to create stitches. i wish i still had it! the first project i remember sewing by hand was a small bag for my dolls out of a teal blue and black houndstooth fabric scrap from one of my mother’s suits. wish i still had that, too…’-)

my second love was embroidery which i taught myself in my early teens—i actually still have a night gown that i first sewed from a pattern and then embroidered on the bodice..the once white fabric has yellowed a bit, but the embroidery thread is as vibrant as ever…that was what i loved the colors–have you ever looked at a dmc embroidery thread display–all those incredible, glorious colors! the vocabulary of stitches was awesome many different ways to create a design. one project i remember fondly was a dopey patch that i did free hand (free needle?) in high school for my friend glen’s ripped jeans.

which brings me to my discovery of knitting–i remember knitting a scarf or two in college for a boyfriend, but i did not pursue it.  as a newlywed i made friends with an older woman who lived in my apartment building, and miriam taught me how to knit, and this time it stuck.

i loved it! it was meditative and rewarding, making a fabric out of some string and some sticks. of course the string could get pretty fancy. for a while i followed patterns, but then i started making my own. i designed sweaters, pillows and hats. again i just loved all the colors. all in my own style, some with as many as 90 colors in them.

i knitted off and on for a good many years. and then i started making jewelry and felting and dyeing and all kinds of things, and got far away from knitting.  but lately i have been turning back to knitting and really savoring the experience.

one thing i enjoy knitting are these funky fingerless gloves—i first made them out of hands were cold in my basement workshop..these kept my hands warm and left my fingers free. friends saw them, and i made a few pairs for them–soon i was selling them-

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there is something so peaceful and zen about knitting, i am happy to be back at it!

i will post pics of the pillows sweaters and hats in a later post.

please visit my site at http://www.dbkdesignarts. remember i love to hear from you


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19 Responses to reuniting with an old love and bring on the funk

  1. Lucy Chapman says:

    I loved reading about your journey through needle arts! Sometimes it just takes the right moment or experience for something to stick, and sometimes the timing isn’t right. I often come and go from one form to another.

  2. Kathryn Doll says:

    These are gorgeous!

  3. Wow! Thanks for taking me down memory lane. I joined 4H in 4th grade and took sewing. I was even allowed to use my mom’s machine way back then! LOVE the gloves…so funky!!

  4. Very nice post 🙂 I wish kids now were learning other stuff then 3D games or :)) I start macrame when I was 5 years old too 🙂 sewing, knitting, crochet etc … :))

  5. R. Jean Roth says:

    Debrah, I never really understood the lure of knitting until I read your “making a fabric out of some string and some sticks.” That does make it seem miraculous! That said, until someone invents an “undo button” I’m sticking to digital arts! 😉

  6. Rachel Biel says:

    It’s always so fun to hear about how people fell in love with what they do. You started at SUCH a young age! Must be in the blood! And, what a privilege it is to be able to pursue these loves and constantly explore them and develop them!

  7. DK Miller says:

    Your work is lovely! So amazing.

  8. Hena Tayeb says:

    At 5.. wow.. i wish I had listened to my mom and learnt how to sew.. even the basic. I know its never to late but there is never enough time.. but I do want to learn how to knit.. it seems like such an amazing skill.. thanks for sharing..

    p.s the food wasn’t all disappointing.. we just hit a few speed bumps.. overall it was a great trip. thanks for commenting.

  9. Maureen says:

    Loved hearing about your journey!

  10. Good way of viewing things – I’m a bit more of a monochrome person, myself

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