workshops are awesome!!!

we all know that education is key to growing and learning our craft…there are many ways to increase knowledge–tutorials, books, magazines…the web is alive with possibilities. but nothing beats a workshop– hands down the best way to learn new things, and the most fun!

i recently took a felting workshop at the newark museum ( yes newark nj, and it’s an awesome museum- you should visit!) the class was led by the fantastic felter, cassie lewis.i was one of 5 students and the only newbie–i was blown away by the amazing creations of my fellow students–a hat, a bag, and gorgeous scarves! things were popping in that room, the energy was enormous. and so was the stamina–felting is arduous and these ladies felted me under the table—-i was exhausted- and still feel the strain in my arms and legs.

and that is what i love about workshops–the fellowship and camaraderie. you feel support and get immediate feedback and encouragement. working as a artist and maker can be a very solitary endeavor. as a nascent felter, this feeling of not going it alone was key to my education and enjoyment of the art and the class. i actually made one fabulous scarf and one ” work in progress in the all day class, and i can’t wait to try it at home. and to take another workshop, of course 😉

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11 Responses to workshops are awesome!!!

  1. #loveit DBK – excellent slideshow, are those your workshop creations?

  2. R. Jean Roth says:

    I can’t wait to see what you design next with this cool new technique!

  3. Tiffany Victoria says:

    Your work is amazing!!

  4. henatayeb says:

    omg… i live like ten minutes from there! We went to the museum for dino week with D.

  5. Alexis Gopal says:

    I love to continue learning as well!! The scarf is stunning, as is all your work! I’m a huge fan:)

  6. Lucy Chapman says:

    They are beautiful! You’d never know they were a first attempt!

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