returning to my roots

i have been very busy, creating my signature collage scarves for upcoming shows and for galleries. i find my approach to these “compositions” is very painterly—my training is as a painter. it is like creating an abstract painting or an exercise in color. i use the nuno wet felting technique, but i have developed a technique where i work in layers, building on the scarf  until i feel it is done.  it is time consuming, involving wool, silk, moisture, heat and lots of physical labor.  there is always an element of chance in the creation of a work—will it come out the way i see it in my mind’s eye? you learn to embrace the happy accidents and learn from the not so happy ones, too.

i hope you like my new work–i would love to hear your comments-

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please visit my website at and my facebook page at thanks! dbk

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29 Responses to returning to my roots

  1. OMGosh!! They are sooo gorgeous! Running to your shop now. If that second one is one there still, it’s mine, mine, mine! 🙂

  2. jean says:

    I love how you connect your panting training and background to your compositions. They are truly art pieces.

  3. Kim says:

    Your scarves are GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Linda Britt says:

    Your painting background definitely shows in your work. The scarves are gorgeous and I like your new work. The layering makes them really unique.

  5. elizabeth says:

    These are amazing. Love the black!!!!

  6. Renee Rokero says:

    These scarves are drop-dead-gorgeous!

  7. says:

    great stuff….yeah deb….

  8. Deborah says:

    Debrah-I love everyone of them! So beautiful! I love the layering of material!

  9. Love the autumal shades and mixing of patterns! Gorgeous, just gorgeous!

  10. Joyce says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Just have to decide which one I want 🙂

  11. exquisite! i think we’re taking nuno felting to a whole new level…as for me working in this medium for 4 years, i have been aching to put my spin on the technique. you are so right on not always being sure of the outcome, but the journey is always fun and i think we learn from it! be bold and be daring! we’re artists, after all, and the gifts we have need to be shared! a friend of mine challenged me with my nuno felting by saying, “you have a healthy disregard for the materials you work with.” so it’s time for real creative play…

  12. Cindy says:

    Wow! Christmas ideas are dancing in my head! So very creative ;o)

  13. Jessica Falcon says:

    I love that autum scarf with the leaves!!!

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