fall cobwebs!

learning a new technique is always fun—this week i am exploring how to make felted cobweb scarves—called this because the wool is spread so thin in places that it is mere filaments of fiber, or even a hole. cobwebs seem perfect for the halloween season when it is coolish but not cold.  they are like gossamer, super soft, lovely and super easy to care for-just hand wash.

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i am also back to knitting and this time combining the finished pieces with felt in these new fingerless gloves. i love how they turned out. the yarns are luxurious blends of cashmere, silk, merino or alpaca and feel divine on your hands. i wear them all the time in cooler weather as the keep my fingers free for work, typing or whatever i need to do.

would love to hear your comments! please visit my site at http://www.dbkdesignarts and my facebook page at dbk design arts. you can also find me on twitter @deblockrol.


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2 Responses to fall cobwebs!

  1. R. Jean Roth says:

    Very cool technique, and it seems enhanced by all the colors. Lovely.

  2. Lucy Chapman says:

    Beautiful! I love the colors, definitely fall inspired!

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