TAFA, the Textile And Fiber Art list

i love textiles and fibers, and i am not alone. i am fortunate enough to be part of several online communities that provide support, feedback and a sense of camaraderie. when you work alone, (and art is  a very solitary pursuit), a virtual community is invaluable. when the group is global, there is someone out there at any time of day to interact with.

one such group is TAFA, the Textile And Fiber Art list. this group is the brainchild of rachel biel who runs it and who puts in countless hours as the administrator. she is a true pioneer and visionary.

TAFA is composed of fabulously talented artisans, including quilters, felters, knitters, mixed media artists–any and all artists who incorporate their love of fiber and textile and design in to their work. their works provide a visual feast of color, texture and dazzling designs!

if you want yo be inspired visit http://www.tafalist.com

424477_10150712641902650_385581195_n7147_10151419026481097_90749310_nthanks for reading my blog. please visit http://www.dbkdesignarts.com for more offmy work.

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