special effects

to get ready for the summer months and summer shows, i do a lot of silk painting. and the more i do, the more i learn. this season i have been exploring a number of resists. basically these are any items that repel and move the dye around on the silk, such as alcohol (the isopropyl kind), sugar, salt and syrup.

corn syrup is my current resist of choice. depending on placement, i can get dreamy watercolor like effects or bold abstracts. it’s sticky, messy and fun!

IMG_0980 IMG_0978 IMG_0975 IMG_1192 IMG_1194

what do you think of them?

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7 Responses to special effects

  1. Alicia Fink says:

    Love them. I am going to have to break down and get one for myself.

  2. LubbyGirl says:

    beautiful. do you have a tutorial that tells how to do this?

  3. I like this technics and ligts color thinks good job

  4. betty says:

    Love your colors!

  5. Fab and fun colors and styles!

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