liberation and changing my vocabulary

i have been painting since i was a little kid. i was fortunate that my parents valued art and music and encouraged my brother and myself through lessons. so i studied oil painting, first with mrs. brown, then with miss adrienne.  i have a bfa in painting from rutgers, where i studied with the great leon golub. i really love painting. it is visceral and sensual, and totally satisfying.

the style of my paintings were always fairly realistic, no  matter what the subject matter—-still life, flowers, landscapes, bones (loved the anthropology lab), portraits. i switched from oils to acrylics, even dabbled in watercolors. throughout i had very little interest in abstractions-i was driven to recreate the image.

now i am painting on silk and what a revelation! i have no interest in a realistic portrayal of anything. now it is all about color and form–i think how the silk will drape on the body, where the patterns will lie. it is so liberating to just go and lay down color–the way the pigments spread on the silk and blend together—it is new every time, different every time.  and i learn something new with every new piece–and i find a new voice as well-

IMG_1271 IMG_1277 IMG_1283

can you tell i love it?

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10 Responses to liberation and changing my vocabulary

  1. Linda Britt says:

    Your art is beautiful. I love looking at your posts and enjoyed reading about your art teachers. My mom was an art teacher and I learned so much from her.

  2. zippy1113 says:

    Truly beautiful work!

  3. jean says:

    And yet, not so different if you think of how the silk lies on the body the way tissue and clothing lie on those bones you loved. 🙂 A brilliant continuance, if you will.

  4. Ooohhhh! So very pretty and yummy. I am really drawn to that top one. 🙂

  5. Deb, I love too love the language of color and light on silk! I love your new work!

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