working towards a goal

growing a business, doing what you love is quite an amazing journey. i started small, and gingerly put myself out there.  as i have developed confidence in myself as an artist and in my work (only took me 30 years!), i have learned to push the envelope creatively. in turn i have reached out to different retail venues.

i started doing street fairs. my work is fairly unusual so i had decent sales, but i felt this was not my target market. i wanted to do  shows dedicated specifically to fine art and fine craft. so i started applying and have been accepted to quite a few juried shows. this has been an outstanding experience for me. i love talking with people and getting feedback about my work.

so what is the issue? in a word, booth fees, which can be quite high. i understand that they are a necessary evil. but with fees as high as $1500+ for a 2 day show, it iss really out of reac for me.  in fact, this season, i had to pull out of a show i was accepted in to because i could not afford the booth fee.

i have decided to dip my toes into the swirling, complicated pool that is crowd funding! i have a campaign on indie gogo to raise some money to be used for booth fees. i have great perks–hand dyed and hand painted scarves and accesories from my dbk line! if you have ever been tempted to own one  of my pieces this is a great way to do it and help me realize my dream_


here’s the link-please check it out and tell your friends about it as well!

thank you so much for reading! please visit my site at and my fb page at

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