desperately seeking spring

IMG_2583it’s been a long winter, and it’s only the beginning of february! with meteorologists predicting yet another “significant” snowfall next week, the colors and smells of spring seem very far away. sigh….

yet, in my mind i am jumping ahead a few months and dreaming of spring. i have been working on a series of silk scarves inspired by nature, the greatest designer.


here are some of the palettes i have come up with. this series is the twigs series, depicting twigs and branches in their endless varieties. . what do you think? do they capture a spring feel for you?

in creating these scarves, i have tried to push the envelope in terms of technique and materials. i have used different dyes and fabric paints together on the same piece. i  bought new brushes for fine work. for me that is like candy!

my mind is buzzing with new ideas for spring scarves. i have 2 big shows coming up in june  and will be previewing them at that time, but they are also available on my site at and with spring coming, can summer be far behind?

next up? i have been inspired by images of ikebana. stay tuned!

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One Response to desperately seeking spring

  1. Faye says:

    Absolutely beautiful! The blue, fuchsia and gold are my favorites.

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