did you ever notice that time goes faster as you get older? much as we wish we could grab it with both hands and drag our feet to slow it down, times just goes….i feel like i lost most of the winter due to a nasty long lived bout of viral bronchitis, but now spring is here! time to make the most of every day!

i am happy to announce that dbk will be in three shows in the next 2 months! lots of new work going on in the studio——hoboken music and art festival is may 5 in hoboken, nj- i will be in barnegat, nj on long beach island on june 8 and 9, and in southampton, ny  june 22 and 23. if you are near any of the shows, please stop by and say hello.

i will be adding more shows as i decide where to apply—-

IMG_0802new cowl wrap in hand painted silk

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fall cobwebs!

learning a new technique is always fun—this week i am exploring how to make felted cobweb scarves—called this because the wool is spread so thin in places that it is mere filaments of fiber, or even a hole. cobwebs seem perfect for the halloween season when it is coolish but not cold.  they are like gossamer, super soft, lovely and super easy to care for-just hand wash.

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i am also back to knitting and this time combining the finished pieces with felt in these new fingerless gloves. i love how they turned out. the yarns are luxurious blends of cashmere, silk, merino or alpaca and feel divine on your hands. i wear them all the time in cooler weather as the keep my fingers free for work, typing or whatever i need to do.

would love to hear your comments! please visit my site at http://www.dbkdesignarts and my facebook page at dbk design arts. you can also find me on twitter @deblockrol.


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my kickstarter campaign

just wanted to let you all know that i have started a kickstarter campaign to try to source funding so i can enlarge my fall and winter, and subsequently my spring and summer line of scarves and , hopefully apparel! 😉  very exciting!

here is the link to my campaign–please spread the word—i am offering great rewards–silk scarves hand dyed and hand painted by me! by the way, you can pledge any amount,,even $1.00—but i don’t get funded unless i meet my goal, so if you can help by spreading the word, i would be very grateful!



I am designing a line of unique silk and wool felted collage scarves for fall and winter- I have a unique vision for these garments-

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returning to my roots

i have been very busy, creating my signature collage scarves for upcoming shows and for galleries. i find my approach to these “compositions” is very painterly—my training is as a painter. it is like creating an abstract painting or an exercise in color. i use the nuno wet felting technique, but i have developed a technique where i work in layers, building on the scarf  until i feel it is done.  it is time consuming, involving wool, silk, moisture, heat and lots of physical labor.  there is always an element of chance in the creation of a work—will it come out the way i see it in my mind’s eye? you learn to embrace the happy accidents and learn from the not so happy ones, too.

i hope you like my new work–i would love to hear your comments-

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please visit my website at http://www.dbkdesignarts.com and my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/dbk.design.arts?created. thanks! dbk

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workshops are awesome!!!

we all know that education is key to growing and learning our craft…there are many ways to increase knowledge–tutorials, books, magazines…the web is alive with possibilities. but nothing beats a workshop– hands down the best way to learn new things, and the most fun!

i recently took a felting workshop at the newark museum ( yes newark nj, and it’s an awesome museum- you should visit!) the class was led by the fantastic felter, cassie lewis.i was one of 5 students and the only newbie–i was blown away by the amazing creations of my fellow students–a hat, a bag, and gorgeous scarves! things were popping in that room, the energy was enormous. and so was the stamina–felting is arduous and these ladies felted me under the table—-i was exhausted- and still feel the strain in my arms and legs.

and that is what i love about workshops–the fellowship and camaraderie. you feel support and get immediate feedback and encouragement. working as a artist and maker can be a very solitary endeavor. as a nascent felter, this feeling of not going it alone was key to my education and enjoyment of the art and the class. i actually made one fabulous scarf and one ” work in progress in the all day class, and i can’t wait to try it at home. and to take another workshop, of course 😉

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please visit my site at http://www.dbkdesignarts.com and on facebook at dbk design arts- i would love to hear from you-


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reuniting with an old love and bring on the funk

knitting was not my first love in the field of needle arts. i learned to sew when i was about 5 and i was the proud owner of a miniature singer sewing machine, black with gold letters and filigrees and a wheel you turned to make the needle go up and down to create stitches. i wish i still had it! the first project i remember sewing by hand was a small bag for my dolls out of a teal blue and black houndstooth fabric scrap from one of my mother’s suits. wish i still had that, too…’-)

my second love was embroidery which i taught myself in my early teens—i actually still have a night gown that i first sewed from a pattern and then embroidered on the bodice..the once white fabric has yellowed a bit, but the embroidery thread is as vibrant as ever…that was what i loved the colors–have you ever looked at a dmc embroidery thread display–all those incredible, glorious colors! the vocabulary of stitches was awesome too..so many different ways to create a design. one project i remember fondly was a dopey patch that i did free hand (free needle?) in high school for my friend glen’s ripped jeans.

which brings me to my discovery of knitting–i remember knitting a scarf or two in college for a boyfriend, but i did not pursue it.  as a newlywed i made friends with an older woman who lived in my apartment building, and miriam taught me how to knit, and this time it stuck.

i loved it! it was meditative and rewarding, making a fabric out of some string and some sticks. of course the string could get pretty fancy. for a while i followed patterns, but then i started making my own. i designed sweaters, pillows and hats. again i just loved all the colors. all in my own style, some with as many as 90 colors in them.

i knitted off and on for a good many years. and then i started making jewelry and felting and dyeing and all kinds of things, and got far away from knitting.  but lately i have been turning back to knitting and really savoring the experience.

one thing i enjoy knitting are these funky fingerless gloves—i first made them out of necessity..my hands were cold in my basement workshop..these kept my hands warm and left my fingers free. friends saw them, and i made a few pairs for them–soon i was selling them-

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there is something so peaceful and zen about knitting, i am happy to be back at it!

i will post pics of the pillows sweaters and hats in a later post.

please visit my site at http://www.dbkdesignarts. remember i love to hear from you


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how a new design evolves

this week, i started designing a new line of necklaces—a departure from my most recent work involving  hand painting and dyeing silk. i have quite a stash of pearls and gemstones, and i had ordered some delicate sterling silver rolo chains. they sat on my worktable and were stored in my mind before i turned my attention to them. i wanted to create something lightweight with an organic feel. i wanted different levels in the design with a bit of movement.

so i thought of a dangly drop, utilizing the chain and my stash…the long stick shape of the opalite lent itself to a drop–i cut up one of the chains to use as the dangly part which served to give layers and movement. i anchored the first necklace with a pearl and a rough diamond. i was really happy with the result–i was on a roll! i used different colored pearls with the opalite. more petite drop necklaces came into being!

then i took out all my biwa stick pearls. wow! because of where they are pierced, i decided to hang them sideways- i love the look–there is something very zen about them. each chain is 20 inches long, exclusive of the drop. it’s a great length with summer sundresses, tank tops, even swimsuits.

this is a design that is still evolving as i look at different materials, but i am pretty certain this necklace will be around for a while. 🙂

by the way, these necklaces are currently listed in my etsy shop!


what do you think?

addendum—still evolving, my friend kim said that she loved my elemental summer necklaces—well i loved that name! so now i call them elemental summer design necklaces—wonder what i will call them in the fall???

please visit my site at http://www.dbkdesignarts.com- thanks!

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